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Transform Your Day

When you’re too tense and stressed, you won’t be able to give your best. Keep yourself feeling fresh and rejuvenated by scheduling a massage appointment with us!

Meet Alexis!

“THE” Certified Massage Therapist (CMT)

Alexis is our lead Massage Therapist and previously promoted co-manager of Healing Hands Spa Services LLC

This Professional Certified Massage Therapist goes by the name of Alexis. She possesses 20 years in

the profession of Massage Therapy, and she is ready to “wow” you with her detailed approach

to massage! Her specialties include but are not limited to: Swedish Massage, Deep Tissue,

Prenatal Massage, Reflexology, Sports Massage, Trigger Points, and she possesses a truly “Out

of this World” combination massage. Where she introduces multiple modalities in a single

session based on your needs and expectations. As a truly sincere therapist, she believes that

those who come to the spa are not only visitors but are guest. Like in most household, Alexis

tries her best to make sure that her guest needs are met so that they will leave in better shape

than when they came! Alexis likes to make sure that every guest understands that this is “Your

massage” and that “Your expectations” not only matter but are the prime objective for your

therapist. Alexis does her best to make sure that the guest achieves the experience that they

envision. Come in as our guest and visit the spa today to get your expectations exceeded by

“THE” Massage Therapist, Alexis!

Providing a Spa Experience That Is Uniquely Customized for You by You

Healing Hands Spa Services LLC is a company that is located in Long Beach, California that strives to provide clients with the best spa experience wherever they are. We offer massage therapy, spa treatment services, and more.

Mission Statement

Here at Healing Hands Spa Services LLC, we work diligently to create a spa experience tailored to address your bodily and mental ailments at the comfort wherever you are; either in our spa service room, your hotel, or in your office. We use multiple spa modalities and techniques to achieve our goal of providing spa services that promote overall wellness.

COVID-19 Safety Service Safety Guidelines

To keep all of our guests safe, our staff will wear a face mask during full-service appointments. All guests and clients must also wear a face mask throughout the session until the service provider exits.

If a guest or client refuses to wear a mask, then the session will immediately be canceled. We’re thankful for your support and understanding.

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